Cheryl Massey
Consulting Psychologist
Psychology is central to SureCare’s operations and procedures.
Cheryl Massey is a Chartered Psychologist with four degrees and she is a qualified teacher, educational psychologist as well as psychotherapist. These qualifications and nearly twenty years experience enable her to bring a robust and broad knowledge and skills base to her work at SureCare.
To ensure the very best emotional well-being of the young people in our care, her role includes providing:

  • Clinical supervision of all staff

  • Peer supervision with all staff

  • Psychological induction programme with all staff

  • Psychotherapy offered to all young people

  • Family therapy offered to all the families of the young people

Clinical and Peer Supervision

All members of staff are offered individual and group time to reflect on their practice, on episodes that may have occurred and on issues of a personal nature. This supervision is in addition to the usual line management supervision. SureCare offers this to ensure all members of staff are fully equipped to deal with the rigours of a job in the caring profession and, more than this, that they are supported throughout their own emotional journey.

How psychology informs staff

SureCare has a Professional Development Training Programme that is both broad and tailored to suit the needs of the staff as well as the needs of the company and the young people themselves. For this reason, our weekly professional development meetings can be related to a topic that might be currently relevant, something that is central to our emotional management eg CBT, or something that is specifically related to staff requests. In this way we manage both a generic training system and flexibility to respond to needs as they occur.

Young people and psychology

All the young people are offered therapy and, although many children in the Looked After system are often reluctant, we have had many successes. The young people understand that all the therapeutic help comes from someone whom they know and trust and this builds a much stronger basis upon which to offer psycho-educational models, as well as CBT and solution-focussed work.

Family Therapy

Cheryl Massey is a fully qualified Systemic Family Therapist and offering time together as a family for the young people has been especially effective for some of our families. As much as individual work can accomplish, ultimately it is the relational problems that have often led to the young people being taken into care and therefore it is in this domain that often work needs to be conducted.

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Brief curriculum vitae to introduce CHERYL MASSEY March 2012

Consulting Psychologist

I currently act in a consultation role to SureCare Residential who operate residential homes for children in the Looked After System in Essex. I conduct all clinical supervision for their staff, am part of the Appraisal System, interview new staff, offer therapy to the young people and their families as well as plan and implement the entire psychological induction programme. I have been with SureCare for nearly three years.
Systemic Psychotherapist
I have a master’s degree in psychotherapy and previously worked as a family systemic therapist at The Priory Hospital in Chelmsford [two years] as well as the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service [six years] leading the Family Therapy team and mentoring new therapists as well as having a specialism in the Looked After Children team. I now have a private practice.
Educational Psychologist
I have a master’s degree in educational psychology and a master’s degree in education and work privately as an Educational Psychologist. My previous job was manager of the Behaviour Support Team in Hertfordshire and I have been an educational psychologist for more than twelve years. I am currently a locum for Essex in this capacity.
Health Professionals Council [PYL00998]
UK Chartered Psychotherapists [05157707]
Association of Family Therapists
British Psychological Society [203629]
Private Health Providers CIGNA, PPP, Pruhealth, AVIVA, BUPA etc
Models of Psychology/Therapy
Although my initial training was in Systemic Psychotherapy I have also studied many other models including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [CBT], Solution Focussed Therapy, Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching and Working with Children with Trauma. I use the best model for the needs of the young person.
Relevant Education
Open University, Milton Keynes, Beds BSc [Hons] Psychology 2 :1
University of Hertfordshire, Wall Hall, Herts Postgraduate Certificate in Education
Open University, Milton Keynes, Beds MA Education
University College, London University, WC1 MSc Educational Psychology
Luton University, Luton [KCC, London SW8] MSc Systemic Psychotherapy

Cherly Massey
Health Professionals Council: PYL00998
UK Council of Psychotherapists: 05157707
British Psychological Society: 203629
Private Health Providers: CIGNA, PPP, Pruhealth, AVIVA, BUPA etc