After care and support

After care and supportSureCare is aware of how any disruption can quickly reverse the progress made by a young person staying with us. Therefore we take great care in handling any transition, be it to another placement or as they leave the care system.

At this time, local authorities have been obliged to make savings wherever possible and these are likely to be felt in this sector and particularly in services relating to after care and outreach provided by adults who have had a pivotal role in a young person’s development. SureCare understands the significance of “The Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 Guidance and Regulations” which cover this important stage and is prepared to fulfil its role.

A detailed transition programme lasting between 6 and 12 weeks is evolved taking into account the requirements of the young person, the placing authority and any future carers. This encompasses scheduling meetings between our own managers and new carers to provide a background information and awareness of experiences of significance to the young person. It would also cover planning a sequence of outreach visits by our own team.

The object of all this is to continue progress and guide the young person towards independence and fulfilment.